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Czech superstar kicks ass on a JAWA

Racing improves the breed, and when dealing with feisty and hard-edged two-strokes, our good czech friend Matej Tresnak knows his way around. This summer he brought his home tuned 350CC Jawa to germany and showed everybody that you do need powerfull and red machine to win. Here Matej tells a bit about his succesful trip to Massen Vintage Dirttrack:

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a racer? Vintage racer? Dirt tracker? Well you do have a chance!

Where? Well, there is a small and old fashioned dirt track in Germany, close to the Massen city - around 100km south from Berlin. This track was build by three enthusiasts that loves traditional Hot Rods and races. I can say that the track was build really with old manners and once you there you can not be sure if it is 2010 or 1954! The track is surrounded with bales of straw, in the middle there is small spot for cars and bikes to get ready for racing. Of course there is a boot with mike, speakers and speaker to cheer up the audience. What is very interesting is that the final heats goes on after the sunset and the lights in every corner are switched on... That makes for very special atmosphere

The mighty Jawa! photo Matej Tresnak

Massen dirt track is a weekend event with training on Friday and race on Saturday. With bands and DJ’s on both days. You don’t have to worry about food and drinks as well as there are stands with plenty of beers, fish’n’chips and tasty burgers. Man, I can not forget that mega spicy taste of Hot Rod burger from the Berlin crew...

"Down the straight and and left you say?" pre-race planning is tense. Photo by Matej Tresnak

And what can be seen here? Only traditional hot rods, customs and bikes only up to 1958 - no hi-tech, no turbos, no compressors... It is not the classic dirt track as we might know it, but it is bit smaller, but that it makes more competitive to amateurs as we all are. So you are not driving at high speeds and you can really enjoy the ride.
The organizers of this event were quite influenced by A-Bombers weekend in Sweden and Bedrock weekend in Denmark. And without a doubt they did just perfect. So the result is a great event where only vehicles older than 1958 can enter. A lot of camping spots available. BBQ allowed...

200 kg Beemer was no match for the Czech rocektship. photo by R. Bayer

There are no limits of numbers of vehicles for racing. The last two years there were around 16 cars and 12 bikes racing (but of course much a lot more cars and bikes at the event). There are only two racers on the track each race - starting on opposite sides and going three rounds. I do not remember exactly how many runs there are, but who cares - it is a great fun for racers and spectators as well.
Period-looking Triumph and rider displays a conservative footdown style. Photo by R. Bayer

That's more like it! Matej guns his Jawa round the track and leaves slo-mo's behind. Photo by R. Bayer.

So if you have something up to 1958, you can have plenty of fun during this weekend. I know what I am talking about as I took out mine Jawa 250 from 1950, swapped the engine for 350 and we tuned this small two stroke quite heavily - I found some authentic documents how to add some HP to the bike and it worked just fine - I’ve won! When I saw the track for the first time I had a feeling that Jawa may work just fine. Here I must say that mine mechanic is a motor GOD and so I was riding a 85kg bike with around 21 HP and even with original ignition. I guess that you know how tricky electricity on these bikes can be... I was always on the second gear and was bit scared to switch to third one. It was a great feeling leaving all the BMW’s, HD’s, Triumph’s and even one speedway bike, way behind.

Those look to big for your Jawa! succesful racer and all round good guy Matej on the left. Photo by R. Bayer.

Well if you want to take a part in this vintage racing event as racer or spectator, mark second weekend in September (I guess it will be that date as two times before) and we can have a cold beer on the sandy track. Just beware that there is not and will not be a website dedicated to this race as the organizers wants to keep the event small and with family feeling.

Matej Tresnak

Looks lige a super event, it should be possible to cobble up a ultra-fast MZ, and challenge the Jawa this summer. Se you there Matej!

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  1. den Jawa er for vild, kan i skaffe flere ?

  2. Skaffe? 6500 på Gul og Gratis, så har du dig en :-)


    Ellers så vælter de frem fra alle hjørner nede i Prag hvis man ser sig for - vi har gode kontakter i den lokale Jawa klub dernede, hvis det er.